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The Movement Voter Fund

Grassroots actions that engage voters

The groups in this fund are all 501c3s selected by the Movement Voter Project that are working on voter engagement, registration and turnout. The groups are primarily located in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia and Texas.


All the groups in the Movement Voter Fund have a track record of voter registration and mobilization that fosters  local community-building, advocacy, and issue organizing day-in and day-out, year-round. A full listing and descriptions of the 501c3s supported by the Movement Voter Project may be found here. 


501(c)3 groups can participate in a wide range of activities, from legislative lobbying to leadership development to nonpartisan GOTV turnout. 

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Campaign Legal Center
Advancing democracy through law

CLC, founded in 2003, brings legal skills, analysis, and non-partisanship to advance democracy through law at federal, state, and local levels. Their long-term goal is a government responsive to the people. CLC’s primary tactics of litigation and policy advocacy are applied in four issue areas: campaign finance, ethics, redistricting, and voting rights. Force Multiplier is focused on the latter two, both of which are congruent with our commitment to supporting voter empowerment efforts.


CLC has identified two sources of discrimination in voting maps: partisan gerrymandering and non-representative electoral systems. Their work advances and supports legal cases that address redistricting violations so that all Americans can participate equally in the election of all their representatives.


CLC works to protect the right to vote and expand access to the ballot. It also serves as a watchdog, applying pressure to government agencies that fail to enforce campaign finance laws and voting protections.


They often partner with like-minded organizations like the League of Women Voters, the Brennan Center, the ACLU, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, and more. The CLC is “friends” with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s legal arm, providing non-partisan support for litigation brought by that group.


CLC’s focus going forward into 2021 will be ensuring equitable redistricting as the voting maps are redrawn based on census data. They will set up independent redistricting commissions and will advise and represent grassroots organizations that will become their plaintiffs. In this way CLC sees possibilities for systemic reform that will result in a more transparent, accountable, and inclusive democracy.

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