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Down Home North Carolina

North Carolina

Down Home North Carolina’s focus is on raising the voices of working people in small-town and rural communities. The group’s 2018 voter outreach efforts contributed to Democrats flipping a net of 10 seats and breaking a GOP supermajority in North Carolina’s highly gerrymandered state House of Representatives. Knocking 23,000 doors and making 18,000 phone calls, DHNC volunteers helped flip district H119 and fell just short of flipping H63.

Good Jobs Now


With a focus on racial justice and pocketbook issues, the group works to improve the lives of black people in Detroit and surrounding areas. To engage people in the electoral process, volunteers conduct year-round listening canvasses, train organizers and inform, register and turn out voters.  In 2018, the group knocked on 75,000 doors an average of 4.5 times. More than 90% of the high school students registered by Good Jobs Now voted in the midterms.

You Can Vote

North Carolina

In 2018, You Can Vote trained and mobilized almost 2,000 volunteers to educate, register, and empower North Carolina citizens. to successfully cast their ballots. 48% of voters newly registered by YCV areidentified as people of color and 40% are were under 25. Since 2014, voters registered by YCV have turned out at significantly higher rates (often by margins of 20% or more) than the statewide turnout rate.

Michigan Voice


Michigan Voice helps 501(c)(3) civic and voter engagement organizations in Michigan better coordinate and collaborate. They focus on organizing traditionally underrepresented and marginalized communities including: people of color, single women, first generation immigrant youth and ex-felons. This group will be working to establish and maintain engagement hubs in key cities like Detroit, Kalamazoo and Flint.  Their mission is to increase access to voting by coordinating training in areas like volunteer recruitment and development, organizing and campaign planning.   

North Carolina A. Phillip Randolph Institute

North Carolina

With a presence in 22 counties, APRI has a strong track record, both in year-round voter outreach and traditional GOTV efforts. A key focus is on mobilizing voters who are least likely to be respond to traditional Democratic campaign operations.


APRI ran the largest voter registration project in the state in 2018, collecting more than 36,000 new voter registration cards, making 250,000 calls and knocking on 150,000 doors. With a strong base in Robeson and Cumberland counties—and an office in the 9th Congressional District­—the group is well positioned to boost turnout for Dan McCready’s special election on September 10.

The New Florida Majority


The New Florida Majority: Operating in the state capital (Tallahassee) and the largest county (Miami-Dade) NFM was part of a coalition that helped pass Florida Amendment 4, restoring voting rights to former felons. In marginalized communities where the group worked in 2018, voter turnout increased by 350%.  Funds raised by Force Multiplier will support efforts to register 75,000 new voters in 2019 and 175,000 in 2020, with an emphasis on helping ex-felons navigate remaining barriers to voting.


Black Leaders Organizing
for Community


Led by visionary organizer Angela Lang, Milwaukee BLOC works in the most incarcerated zip code in the U.S. and delivers votes in neighborhoods that others have given up on.  BLOC runs an innovative, year-round “silent canvassing” program where politicians listen to voters’ answers to the question, “What does it look like for the Black community to thrive?”  BLOC “ambassadors” knocked on more than 170,000 doors for the 2018 Governor’s race while also supporting Attorney General, Secretary of State and State assembly candidates. 

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