Iowa is currently the 5th most likely Senate flip based on our meta-analysis of ratings by the 3 leading independent experts (Cook Political Report, Sabato’s Crystal Ball and Inside Elections).


Though Iowa voted for Trump in 2016, it is a swing state and has voted Democratic for President in three of the last five elections. Iowa joined the huge Blue Wave in 2018, with two of its four House districts flipping from a Republican to a Democrat.


Joni Ernst—Theresa Greenfield’s incumbent Republican opponent—is currently rated unfavorably by 5%, which contrasts with Iowa’s other Republican Senator, Chuck Grassly, who is rated favorably by 5%.


Theresa grew up an Iowa farm girl. She did everything her brothers did, including helping with the family crop-dusting business. She understands tragedy firsthand: her first husband was killed tragically in an industrial accident, leaving her a single mother. But by working multiple jobs and with some financial aid, she eventually put herself through college. Theresa has worked as an urban planner and also in real estate and development in Iowa. She lives in Des Moines with her second husband. Together they have raised four  children.


Theresa is committed to protecting and expanding health case, which she believes is a right not a privilege. She supports a living wage, investing in our workforce, fighting for equal opportunities and pay for women. She will work to expand job training and understands the need to help entrepreneurs and startups, expand export opportunities, and cut burdensome red tape. She strongly supports education—from pre-K to college. Seeing firsthand the havoc wrought by climate change (notably increased flooding in and around Iowa), she supports mitigation efforts, including the creation of good-paying clean energy jobs and infrastructure expansion. Theresa wholeheartedly supports women’s constitutional rights to make their own health care choices.

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