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Let's elect 5 more Democrats and flip the Senate

The Republicans currently hold a 53-47 majority. If the Democrats hold all their seats and win the Presidency, we would only need to flip three seats because of the tie-breaking vote of a Democratic Vice President. If the Republicans win the White House and the Democrats hold all their seats, the Dems would need four seats. We picked 5 races just to be sure.

Our best opportunities are in Maine, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado and Montana.
We are raising funds for these races in these states because they feature strong Democratic challengers, vulnerable Republican incumbents, and the campaigns are relatively underfunded.


We're using Act Blue's Nominee funds, which serve as "escrow" accounts, until the Democratic primary in each state is decided. These funds enable us to raise money for candidates before primaries and assure our donors that funds will immediately go to the eventual nominee.

If you wish to allocate your donations to individual candidates follow the instructions in the upper right hand quarter of the slate Act Blue page.


Our Flip the Senate Slate


Steve Bullock

Running vs. incumbent Steve Daines (R)

Steve Bullock, the current popular Governor of Montana, was born and raised in Montana. He previously served as Montana’s Attorney General during which time he pushed for tougher drunk driving laws and fought monopolistic business practices in the railroad and meat-packing industries. . He briefly ran for President in 2019-20 and emphasized opposing “dark money” and Citizens United. 
Prior to his service as AG he was a private practice attorney specializing in representing consumer organizations, labor unions, and businesses.

Bullock has a BA from Claremont McKenna College and a JD from Columbia Law School.

He is 53 years old, married, with three children.


He is running against Incumbent Steve Daines in a Solid Red state. Recent Polls show them tied.  Montana’s other Senator is Democrat Jon Tester who recently won re-election. Daines has been relatively ineffectual in the Senate with few enacted bills. Daines does have a 47% approval rating with 31% disapproving. Daines aligns himself with Donald Trump.

While the primary has not yet occurred all viable opponents withdrew upon Bullock’s entry, so we are donating directly to the candidate.



Force Multiplier

End Citizens United

North Carolina

Cal Cunningham

Running vs. incumbent

Thom Tillis (R)

Cal Cunningham, the winner of the March 3rd primary, was born and raised in North Carolina. He is a Major in the US Army Reserve and did three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, winning a Bronze Star Medal and the General Douglas McArthur Leadership Award. Cunningham served in the NC State Senate for many years until his district was gerrymandered into three Republican districts. He has been practicing Real Estate Law and serving on various boards.

Cunningham has his BA and JD from UNC-Chapel Hill and a MS in Public Policy from the London School of Economics.  Cunningham is 46 years old, married and has two children.


Cunningham is running to unseat unpopular first term incumbent Senator Thom Tillis, elected in 2014.


Force Multiplier



League of Conservative Voters

End Citizens United



Natl. Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare



The Race:

The race is rated Toss-Up by Cook and Inside Elections and Lean D by Sabato. It may be the best chance the Democrats have of picking up a Senate seat. A recent poll from Public Policy Polling showed Former Governor John Hickenlooper with a wide margin over Garner. 

Republican Incumbent:

Cory Gardner talks like a moderate but votes with Trump 99% of the time. Gardner’s favorability ratings have plummeted to just 33% favorable December 2019. He is less popular than Trump himself in Colorado. 

The Challengers: 

John Hickenlooper is the frontrunner and has been endorsed by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Hickenlooper moved to Colorado in the early 1980’ to work as a geologist in the oil industry. He then founded a successful Brewing Company and restaurant business. He served as a popular Mayor of Denver from 2003-2011 and then served two terms as Governor of Colorado. In 2019 he briefly ran for President. Hickenlooper is pro-business, fiscal conservative and a social liberal. 


Andrew Romanoff is a former state representative.

Force Multiplier is directing funds to the Colorado Senate Nominee Fund, where they will be held in escrow until the June 30th primary, at which point they will be transferred to the winner.



The Race:

Some recent polling shows Democratic frontrunner Sara Gideon ahead of Collins by 4%. It is considered a toss-up by Cook and a Lean R by Sabato. This is a priority target.

Republican Incumbent:
Senator Susan Collins, elected in 1997. Chair of Special Committee on Aging, former chair of Homeland Security. While in the past she has presented herself as a moderate, she voted for the Republican tax cuts and to approve Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.  Formerly quite popular, she recently replaced Mitch McConnell as the Senator with the worst disapproval rating with a recent rating of 52%.. 


The Challengers:

Sara Gideon,is the frontrunner and has been endorsed by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. She was born in Rhode Island to an Indian father and Armenian mother. She is the current Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. 

Gideon has been endorsed by DSCC, Emily’s List, NARAL, J Street, End Citizen’s United. US Sens. Cortez-Nasto, Duckworth, Murphy; Pete Buttigieg, Stephen King (author).


Betsy Sweet, is a progressive activist and former candidate for State Treasurer who has been endorsed by the Justice Democrats. 


Force Multiplier is directing funds to the Maine Senate Nominee Fund, where they will be held in escrow until the June 9th primary, at which point they will be transferred to the winner.



The Race:

This race has mixed ratings of Lean R and Likely R. It has the potential to impact Iowa’s Congressional races and increase the chances of flipping Iowa for the Presidential election

Republican Incumbent:

Republican incumbent Joni Ernst won in ‘14 w/ 52% in a race that cost $93 million. Her approval rate has plummeted from 57 % in February 2019 to 47% in March 2020 and she is the third most unpopular Senator. She votes with Trump 81% of the time


The Challengers: 
Theresa Greenfield is the front runner and has been endorsed by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. She was raised in Minnesota in a farming family.  Theresa married and as she and her husband were expecting their second child, he was killed in an accident at his job as a union electrical worker. Social Security survivor benefits were key to her family, and she’s committed to protecting Social Security against partisan attacks in Washington. Theresa worked as an urban planner and has in real estate and development in Iowa.


Greenfield has been endorsed by the DSCC, Emily’s List, and the International Union of N. America, Midwest. 


Eddie Mauro is a businessman. 

Michael Franken, is a retired Naval Office who worked for Sen. Ted Kennedy 


Force Multiplier is directing funds to the Iowa Senate Nominee Fund, where they will be held in escrow until the June 2nd primary, at which point they will be transferred to the winner. 

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