Our three pronged strategy 
for making every vote count.

In order to win in November,
we need to be sure that ALL Americans CAN

To that end, Force Multiplier is supporting 3 groups that
organize voters
+ protect voters + litigate voter suppression tactics.


You have a choice of where to invest.

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This fund was developed by The Movement Voter Project and supports local grassroots groups in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and North Carolina. These groups are organizing around the issues that matter most to their communities including the right to vote, police violence and access to health care. 

Your donations support a variety of activities, including:

  • Salaries for organizers

  • Laptops for fieldwork

  • Digital platforms like ZOOM for meetings and outreach

  • Literature about online Voter Registration and Vote by Mail opportunities 

All groups are 501(c)3s.

If you have an IRA , a Donor Advised Fund, or a Private Foundation, and wish to make a tax-deductible contribution of $500 or more to Force Multiplier's Movement Voter Fund, please email us for instructions.

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Founded by Stacey Abrams after massive voter suppression in Georgia during the 2018 elections, Fair Fight is a national voting rights organization with a mission to promote free and fair elections for all through litigation, legislation, and advocacy.
They are funding, training and supporting voter protection operations in 18 state Democratic Parties. Fair Fight is leading the fight to address the threats to democracy presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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With voter suppression the top Republican strategy to win in November the work of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s Legal Fund fights back against State election laws that make it harder to register or vote.
Their geographic focus is on states with key Senate races. Historically the Legal Fund had been used in post-election processes, such as election recounts, contests, and FEC complaints. Today, the Legal Fund is proactively used to challenge unnecessary restrictions on voting rights prior to the election.

Check out this great selfie video from Black Leaders Organizing Community (BLOC), one of the voter empowerment groups that FM supports through the Movement Voter Fund. Before the pandemic BLOC was knocking on doors, registering voters and organizing in Milwaukee's Northside. They have had to pivot their energies and their dollars to ramp up on technology and do more expensive voter outreach. 

A video from Leaders Igniting Transformation, one of our 57 grassroots groups, on their creative and courageous work organizing for the April elections during the COVID-19 outbreak. LIT is a Milwaukee based  group led by youth of color engaged  in building independent political power for social, racial and economic  justice. 


This is what Voter Suppression Looks Like

In dozens of states, GOP-controlled lawmakers have passed a cut-and-paste menu of voting laws that selectively disadvantage the working poor, minorities, naturalized citizens, and young people. These include:


Enacting strict photo ID laws that exclude common forms of ID and add time and expense to the voting process


Placing burdensome requirements on voter registration drives


Eliminating same-day voter registration


Eliminating pre-registration programs for high school students 16 and over


Invalidating voter registration forms due to trivial clerical errors


Automatically purging eligible voters from the rolls


Making cuts to voting hours during evenings and weekends, thus creating long lines at the polls


Eliminating out-of-precinct voting


Closing or moving polling places that serve minority communities and students


Attempting to block vote recounts in very tight races

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