Force Multiplier is an all-volunteer organization that uses
to raise funds for House + Senate races that can tip
the balance of power in Washington.

We also support voter empowerment groups that are working
to ensure that people

The math is simple:
When we come together,
we can multiply our strength
+ our impact.

We began with a group of about a dozen people in the Boston area shortly after the election of 2016. We wanted to find ways to check the power of Donald Trump and the Republicans and decided our best opportunity was to flip the House in the 2018 Midterms. We identified Democratic candidates challenging Republican incumbents in races that data suggested we could win. We held parties for these candidates and invited everyone we knew...and some we didn't.

We talked with friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues and found the power of YOU X ME = DEMOCRACY. Every conversation led to another and we began to create a Force for change.


It worked.


In 2018 mid terms: we built a community of 1,300 people
and raised almost $700,000 for our 15 House candidates. 

13 of our candidates won!

In the 2020 election cycle, our community grew to 8,500+ people
and we raised over $6,300,000 for our candidates + causes.

In 2020 we focused on 3 THINGS:

building the House:

It took a historic Blue Wave of Democratic voters to squeak out close wins in many of the 40 districts that flipped in 2018, including 13 of the 15 races that we supported. 

During the 2019-2020 cycle, we supported 22 candidates to help protect this
Democratic majority. In a year in which the Democrats lost 11 seats, we helped defend 11 and flip one.


flipping the Senate:
We supported 9 candidates for the Senate, 7 of them in states won by Trump in 2018.
In a hyper-partisan election we helped flip three seats and gain control of the Senate.



ensuring that people can and do vote:

Force Multiplier supported voter empowerment and mobilization efforts through the Movement Voter Project, raising funds for over 60 locally led grassroots groups in 7 key states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.

We also supported the voter protection work of Fair Fight and You Can Vote; the defense of voting rights through the DSCC Legal Fund; voter education through Reclaiming Our Vote and other groups.

As COVID redefined our lives and the elections, we realized it also gave us an opportunity to build a national community by holding our events online.


Force Multiplier is a "trusted source"for where best to put my resources, such as they are, in best alignment with my civic values, and how best to maximize the impact of my political dollars. SUSAN BROOKS


"Wow! Whoever chose the races to focus on might have been spot-on, but it’s only because of all the work everyone did that said person was so spot-on! What a demonstration of the concentrated energy a group can do." BAMBI GOOD

"Thank you for your extraordinary efforts. The country is better and safer for those efforts…I gave to candidates I wouldn't have known about as a result, and advocated for them with friends and family. Your efforts are one of the best examples of democracy and patriotism I can think of." A BOSTON CONTRIBUTOR

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We would love the opportunity to talk with you. Everything that we do is about communications and expanding networks. Please email us and we will be in touch. Together, we can help restore democracy to our country in 2020.

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