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and wondering what you can do?


Force Multiplier makes it easy to make a difference.

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Join our FM Multiplier list and receive our weekly emails about ZOOM events and giving opportunities.

Start a list of people in your life who would be open to your emails and political ideas. Family, friends, college buddies, and groups you belong to. Remember our current virtual ZOOM events make it possible to include people all over the country.

Relational networking works. Getting an email from you that tells your people about giving opportunities, telling them why FM works for you and asking them to spread the word is how we can collectively multiply our impact.

We can help you set up a mailing list and provide templates for messages to your friends and family. We
can hold your hand or just let you do your own thing.

You will be given a ref code so that you can see the success of your efforts and know who you can follow up with.

Social distancing makes us all arm chair activists. Have fun with it!

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Bill Petri will be happy to help you get started.

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We do everything! All you need to do is invite your people to an info session about Force Multiplier.

Our ZOOM House parties are the perfect way for your network to come together and learn more about FM.


You don't need to clean the house or even have one for that matter.


You can also invite people that you know from all over the country to join in.


ZOOM and FM make it easy.

Force Multiplier will take care of all technology and a FM Ambassador will lead the meeting. This is not a fundraiser, just an info session.

People enjoy these sessions and usually leave feeling that they want to multiply or hold a house party of their own.

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Fern Fisher will be happy to help you book a house party.




We are looking for partners in action.

If you have a group that would like to add an effective model for fundraising, we can help.

We can work together to support Force Multiplier candidates and causes—and give you the support you need to ramp up quickly.

We have found that the combination of groups who know their own communities and our tools makes a powerful force for change. 

We are all on the same team.

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Laura Weisel will be happy to talk about the possibilities.

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We would love the opportunity to talk with you. Everything that we do is about communications and expanding networks. Please email us and we will be in touch. Together, we can help restore democracy to our country in 2020.

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