Force Multiplier formed after the 2016 elections, when activist groups in eastern Massachusetts decided to come together to work for bold progressive change through the election of Democratic candidates across the country.

Our goal is to Flip the House and gain a Democratic majority in Congress.

Since May 2017, we have been working in support of Democrats who are challenging incumbent Republicans in Congressional districts considered toss ups by election analysts. By pooling the resources of individual donors, our monthly house parties and our web site efforts have raised $600,000… and we are not done yet! With these funds we are happy to support 15 exciting Democratic candidates in their U.S. House races.

Force Multiplier members include over 25 Indivisible groups, Democratic City and Town Committees, and many other activist groups formed after the 2016 presidential election. To accomplish its goals, Force Multiplier involves volunteers in grassroots activism, fundraising, and field support for out-of-state candidates.

How We Choose Candidates

We focus on electing Democrats in Congressional districts that are currently represented by Republicans. We gather data on the district's voting history, the margin of victory in recent Presidential and congressional elections, the partisan Voter Index, and the ratings of Cook Political Reports and Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball.

We look for districts that are in that sweet spot:
neither long shots nor ones with a high probability of flipping
We look for races where we can make a difference.