The math is simple:
When we come together,
we can multiply our strength and our impact.

That's what a group of about a dozen people in the Boston area thought shortly after the shocking election outcome in 2016. Among us were architects, marketing gurus, therapists, retired publishers, political junkies and nerds. We looked at the playing field and realized that there was an opportunity to begin to check the Republican power by flipping the House in the 2018 mid-terms. 

Through relational networking, we talked with everyone we could think of, believing in the power of YOU X ME = DEMOCRACY. Every network led to another network and we began build a "Force Mutipliying" power for change.


It worked.


In 2018 mid terms: we built a community of 1,300 people
and raised almost $700,000 for our 15 House candidates. 

13 of our candidates won!


Force Multiplier continues to be an all-volunteer organization using a lot of junkie- and nerd-driven analytics, and the power of relational networking, to drive funds to critical House and Senate races, and to grassroots groups doing the hard work of getting out the vote in their communities. 

All donations go directly to candidates or groups through Act Blue.

We do the research so you don’t have to. 

We make it easy to do one-click donating.

What's next?

Force Multiplier’s strategy is to protect our majority in the House, flip the Senate and support voters in states that will have a high impact on who carries the electoral college.


We believe that by supporting candidates and voter empowerment groups in high-impact states we are helping bring out the vote for the Democratic Presidential candidate and help Democrats up and down the ballot. We believe that regardless of who wins the Presidency it is essential to have a Democratic House and Senate to move our country forward. 

FM is working with
to achieve these goals, with the help of our vibrant

ever-expanding community. 

We've grown our community to 3,500+ people
and have raised $1.7+ million.

We hope to raise $2.5 million by November 2020:


There is so much work to do.


In 2020 we're focused on 3 THINGS:


in the House:

It took a historic Blue Wave of Democratic voters to squeak out close wins in many of the 40 districts that flipped in 2018, including the 13 of 15 races that we targeted and helped win. All of the candidates Force Multiplier supported in 2018 have already been targeted by the GOP. The Republicans only need to win back 18 of those seats to regain the majority. In many districts all that’s needed is a shift of a few thousand votes. Our early and continued support helps these Reps discourage challengers, hire staff, and mobilize voters.

The Force Multiplier 2020 Hold the House Slate

Cindy Axne (IA 03) | Jared Golden (ME 02) | Eugene DePasquale (PA 02)) | Abby Finkenauer (IA 01) | Lucy McBath (GA 06) | Tom Malinowski (NJ 07) | Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FLA 26) | Elissa Slokin (MI 08) | Abigail Spanberger (VA 07) | Susan Wild (PA07)Hiral Tipirneni (AZ 06)  Lauren Underwood  (IL 14) 

in the Senate:
We need to flip 5 seats to ensure a Democratic majority in the Senate. We have determined that we have real opportunities right now in Maine, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado and Montana. We're proud to support the campaigns of Cal Cunningham from North Carolina and Steve Bullock from Montana in their challenging Senate races. In states where primaries have not yet been held, we are using Act Blue's Nominee Funds, which ensure that your dollars will go to the eventual Democratic Senate challenger.


supporting voter empowerment efforts:

Regardless of the candidates, it's crucial to register and organize voters in high-impact states. Many of these states are the worst offenders when it comes to voter suppression and gerrymandering. Creating another Blue Wave in 2020 means registering and turning out these voters. These local groups all need our support during the pandemic so they can retain staff and acquire technology to continue their work.


Become a Multiplier and ignite your own network.

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Force Multiplier was proud to host Stacey Abrams and her voter empowerment organization,
Fair Fight, in a packed room fundraiser in December 2019. 

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We would love the opportunity to talk with you. Everything that we do is about communications and expanding networks. Please email us and we will be in touch. Together, we can help restore democracy to our country in 2020.

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