Arnold Palmer Mimosa


3 c. lemonade

2 c. iced tea

1 bottle Prosecco 

Raspberries, for serving 

Lemon wedges, for garnish 


  • In 6 champagne flutes divide lemonade and tea evenly, then top each glass off with champagne. Add a few raspberries and a lemon wedge for garnish. 


Moscow Mule Mimosa


1/2 c. sugar, for rim

1 lime, sliced into rounds

4 oz. vodka

4 oz. ginger beer

4 oz. Prosecco

2 oz. orange juice


  • Rim two glasses with a slice of lime and dip in sugar.

  • Divide vodka, ginger beer, prosecco, and orange juice into two glasses. Serve.


Aperol Spritz


1.5 oz Aperol

3 oz Prosecco

0.75 oz seltzer

1 orange slice for garnish


Fill a white wine glass halfway with ice. Add the Aperol, prosecco and sparkling water, and stir twice with a spoon. Serve with an orange slice if desired.


Champagne Margarita


1/2 c. fresh lime juice

1 c. silver tequila

1/2 c. orange liqueur

1 bottle champagne (about 3 cups)

lime wedges, for rim

salt, for rim


  • Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir well.

  • Run lime wedges around the rim of each champagne flute and dip the rims in coarse salt.

  • Divide margaritas between flutes and garnish with lime wedges.

A Temperance Drink (or mocktail) from Tom"

Tom's Watermelon Mojito 


3 cups Cubed Watermelon

4 tbsp Sugar, adjust to the sweetness of your watermelon

1/4 cup Mint Leaves

3-4 Lime Wedges

500 ml Club Soda or Sparkling Water

Ice Cubes


  • Place chopped watermelon in a blender jar and purée. Sieve it well. Set aside.

  • In a bowl or a jar, muddle together lemon wedges, mint leaves, and sugar such that mint leaves are bit bruised.

  • Using 4 glasses, add ice cubes, mint-lime mixture, watermelon purée, and club soda or sparkling water. Mix them very well.

  • Garnish with mint, lime slice, and watermelon slice.

  • Serve immediately and enjoy!

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