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We would love the opportunity to talk with you. Everything that we do is about communications and expanding networks. Please email us and we will be in touch. Together, we can help restore democracy to our country in 2020.

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APRIL 1, 5:15-6:00 PM  





Starting with Maine, North Carolina, Colorado, Montana and Iowa


10 Freshmen Reps. who need our support 

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Force Multiplier events are moving online during the health crisis.
We are committed to doing our work, now more than ever. Please help us continue to build our community and fundraise for our amazing candidates and voter empowerment groups. Thank you.

Force Multiplier believes that it is more important than ever to turn the entire Congress Blue.


With a Democratic President
we'll need the power of Congress to turn the boat around quickly.

With Trump as President

we need it to be the firewall for Democracy.

If we want to preserve democracy and address the real challenges of public health, climate change, gun violence, reproductive rights, racism, economic inequality, and affordable health care, we must defeat Donald Trump and the Republicans in 2020.

We can’t control what Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell do, how Democratic Presidential contenders frame their messages or how the media covers it all. But we can come together with friends and neighbors and build for a new Blue Wave in 2020. We can work now to make sure we hold the House, elect a Democratic President and make inroads into the Senate.

Coming together is the antidote to isolation,
despair and feelings of powerlessness.

Join us by donating to our candidates and grassroots allies, and by reaching out to your own friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. 

Force Multiplier is an all volunteer organization.

All donations go directly to candidates or groups through Act Blue.

We do research on the national political landscape so you don't have to.

We constantly work to assure you that your money is going to candidates and groups that will have the most impact in 2020. 

In 2020 we will focus on 3 THINGS:

Holding the House:

We will support the newly-elected members of Congress who flipped their districts in the mid-terms. It took a historic Blue Wave of Democratic voters to squeak out close wins in many of the 40 districts that flipped in 2018. The Republicans only need to win back 18 of those seats to regain the majority. In many districts all that’s needed is a shift of a few thousand votes. All of the candidates Force Multiplier supported in 2018 have already been targeted by the GOP. Our early support helps these Reps discourage challengers, hire staff and mobilize voters.



Supporting Voter Empowerment Efforts:

In 2020 we may not know all the candidates that we will support but we can begin supporting groups that are registering and organizing voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. Every dollar given to our Movement Voter Fund supports these important grassroots efforts through the Movement Voter Project. Creating another Blue Wave in 2020 means registering and mobilizing voters today. These groups are all feeling the effects of the pandemic and need our support to retain staff, acquire technology and continue their crucial work.

Flipping the Senate:
We need to flip 5 seats to ensure we have a Democratic majority in the Senate.
Our best opportunities right now are Maine, North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado and Montana. In states where primaries have not yet been held, we're using Act Blue's Nominee Funds, which will ensure your dollars go will go to the eventual Democratic Senate challenger.

Force Multiplier is a place where everyone can get involved.
We are all small donors.

We are all volunteers.

We are happy to invite you in.


FM upcoming events

Wed, Apr 01
A Force Multiplier Pop Up: Conversation with Reps. Cindy Axne (IA 03) and Abigail Spanberger (VA 07)
Join two Freshman members of the House for a conversation about the functioning of our government and elections in a time of crisis. Funds benefit the Force Multiplier Hold the House slate. Give what you can and join us.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.